Next Hiring Cycle:

August 2024

Currently, our team is full and we are not actively hiringHowever, we are always accepting applications and will consider strong applicants with broad availability, looking for part-time positions.

A full list of position descriptions is belowPlease scroll to read through, and tell us on your application, in which area(s) you are most interested.

Availability Requirements:  We are busiest on the weekends. Therefore, with customer facing positions, Friday afternoon through Sunday availability is necessary, in order to be considered for a position on our team.  Before applying, take a look at our operating hours throughout the week, to give us a relevant idea of your availability as it pertains to our hours.  If this all sounds like a good fit for you, please apply below!

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What type of applicant are we looking for? Awesome people who are kind, patient, team oriented, outgoing, and creative. Multi-tasking self-starters who are highly efficient, and exhibit a strong attention to detail.

We teach everyone on staff to work in all areas, but tend to schedule people to work in their areas of strength and personal passion, when possible.

Applicants under 18 are responsible for obtaining and presenting a State of Ohio Work Permit, that is processed by their school.

Our positions include:

  • Staff Artist

    A creative individual who will paint samples, provide art instruction to customers, and create artistic content for classes. Flexible hours. Part Time. You will need to show a portfolio of work, at interview. We reserve the right to ask you to agree to a “working interview”, where we will give you ceramics to paint, so we can assess your ability in ceramic arts. To be completely transparent – we rarely hire for this position. We only need a few artistic individuals on staff, and these positions don’t often turn over. Our team are here to ensure that our customers are the ones having a creative experience, and the majority of our work day is not spent painting.

  • Kiln Tech

    A self-starter who efficiently and meticulously dips all painted ceramics in overglaze, carefully stilts every piece to load in our large commercial kilns. Is focused and careful to accurately program kilns for firing cycles. Unloads kilns at completion. Sands fired ceramics. Sorts orders and packages carefully for pickup. Must be focused, detail oriented, and willing to get messy. A great position for anyone who likes to stick in their headphones and zone in on their work independently. This position commands the utmost level of responsible and dependable character, as they will be handling breakables that were carefully painted by customers, and cannot be replaced. Flexible hours. Part Time.

  • Processing/Shipment

    A non-customer facing position that is best suited for highly responsible, self-starters, who thrive in an area where they are required to be self-sufficient, focused, efficient with time management and repetitive tasks. An organized person who works well independently, is our favorite for this area! Flexible hours. Part Time. Abundance of hours are available in October-December, and June-August.

  • Studio Assistant

    Kind, outgoing individuals who thrive as part of a team. Friendly, outgoing, and has a strong sense of what great customer service entails. Enjoys helping others. Even-tempered, multi-taskers with a strong work ethic, work very well on our team. Studio Assistants greet customers, clean and sanitize the studio, organize orders, restock ceramics and glaze, clean and organize all art tools after each customer. Answers questions, checks out guests on our POS system. Organizes completed projects for kiln firing. Sometimes attends our community outreach events. This person needs to be flexible, enthusiastic, and an eager learner. A customer-facing, retail position where weekend availability is not only expected, but required.

  • Barista

    A person who is a quick thinking multi-tasker who loves people and coffee. Willing to make solid suggestions based on a strong learned knowledge of our products. Has a strong sense of aesthetics and loves the smell of fresh ground coffee. Learns Health Department regulations and is meticulous in following them. Is a quick learner and can comprehend a large drink menu with many involved ingredients and processes. A customer-facing, retail-oriented position.

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