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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create?

It’s up to you! Some painters stay for hours designing and painting their work. Others, including small children, are finished quickly. Most adults paint for 1-2 hours, on average. Young kids (2-6 year olds) tend to paint very quickly - 20 mins tops. It all depends on the piece you select, your design, how detailed you are, and how much time you have. You are welcome to paint for as long as you like. If you are not able to finish in one sitting, no problem. Just pay for your piece, then take your piece home, and return anytime to complete the project.

Do I need a reservation?

Nope! We are on a walk in basis only. Because everyone creates at a different rate, we do not take reservations. We would have to make them for a specified beginning AND ending time, and we don't want to limit anyone's creativity. When planning your visit there's a few things to remember: 1) In an effort to guarantee a positive experience - we take our last painters 1 hour before closing each day. (2) We do tend to be quite busy on weekends, and often have a waitlist. You're always welcome to call ahead and ask if we are currently busy.

Will my piece be food safe?

We offer non-toxic paints and glazes of the highest quality. Finished pottery pieces are food safe after firing. They are also “technically” microwave and dishwasher safe. However, we don’t recommend putting them in the latter because the severe temperature changes can cause glaze crackling — and then they are no longer food safe.

When I leave my piece to be fired, how long until I pick up the finished item?

Your piece(s) will be available for pick up in 6-12 days. Pickups are always on Saturdays. Which Saturday your pieces will be ready depends on when you come in – the date is marked on boards at the paint bar, and on the carbon slips our staff write up for you at your painting table. Any staff member can also tell you what our current pickup date is, when you come in. That is a GUARANTEED date that they are ready. Can’t come back right away? No problem – we will hold onto your piece for 45 days. After that grace period has passed, we do not guarantee that your pieces will be available.

DISCLAIMERS: (1) Please be aware that we do not make reminder calls. The yellow slip is your reminder. (2) We do not fire for a requested date. We fire in the order of visit. In a strive for fairness, any requests to move an order ahead of all others, will be denied.

Can I schedule a Paint Your Own Pottery party at your studio for a birthday or other event?

Yes! - Our walk-in business has grown considerably over the past decade. Hosting parties during regular hours got a little crazy, and we felt that the experience for the party clients was being compromised. Because we only want to do something if we can do it well, we made the decision a few years ago to not offer parties during regular hours. Therefore, we offer large group gatherings after the studio is closed to the public. We currently offer After Hours opportunities. You can rent the studio for 2 hours after close for $50. For this we require a minimum of 10 painters and at least $200 to be spent on ceramics and/or handcrafted beverages. See our events tab to check available dates. Email our special events coordinator Sam with questions sam.steele@fairfieldcountyohio.gov

Can parties be scheduled outside of your studio?

Yes! Art & Clay To Go is a creative experience away from the studio. You choose the ceramics, and we will bring everything needed to have a PYOP event at your venue. We go to schools, offices, homes, churches, etc. Contact our Remote Operations/Special Events Coordinator Sam Steele at sam.steele@fairfieldcountyohio.gov, and get the ball rolling!

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