About Square 7 Coffee House

The Square 7 name originates from the very beginning of Lancaster Ohio’s foundation.

When the city’s administration were planning it’s downtown, each plot of land was shaped to a square and given a number as an identifier. 150 West Main Street, was Square #7.

Art & Clay was purchased in 2012 by the Fairfield County Board of DD. In 2013, Fairfield DD added in Square 7 Coffee House as an additional component to Art & Clay, furthering the opportunities they could provide, to promote independence.

  • Locally Roasted Coffee

    All of our coffee beans are roasted up the road in Columbus, Ohio. Crimson Cup takes pride in each and every bean sourced from family farms across the globe and it shows in every cup we serve.

  • Traditional European Barista Menu

    European espresso beverages vs Western: Espresso originated in Italy. The Italians, and most Europeans, historically like their coffee beverages to be very espresso forward. Americans like their coffee beverages with a lot of milk, flavors and sugar. So the American coffee menus that have evolved from the European creation, to a predominantly flavor and milk forward. For instance, a true Italian Macchiato is 2-3 shots of rich espresso in a 3oz demitasse with a dollop of thick steamed cream on top. In America, a Macchiato consists of about 1/5 espresso in a 10-16oz cup of steamed milk, flavoring, sugar, and a spoonful of thin foam on top. Italians generally eliminate or at least minimize their milk intake after mid-morning, as they believe it disrupts their digestive system, and they want to be able to fully enjoy their lunch and dinner. So the coffee they drink beyond morning, is typically espresso only.

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