We Make It: Custom Painted Pet Animation Mugs

Give us a good photo (or more) of your 4-legged BFF, and we will turn it into your new favorite mug. 3 style options. Please scroll down for all the details.



Our highest level staff artists will customize a mug in the genre you select from the sample options below.  This customization is an artist’s interpretation of the photo(s) you send.  These are not a computer generated images, they are hand-sketched then hand-glazed in a detailed animation.

Once we receive your order, we will email the address you give at checkout, asking you to reply to us with photos of the pet.  Turnaround time for these orders is 3 weeks from the day we receive the photos from you.  We will email the address you give at checkout, to notify you that the piece is ready for pickup, in our studio.  Please read our note below about shipping these items.

Design choices include:

  1. Monet, 16oz:  $63 – Created a style that leans towards Impressionism with it’s use of color, and an influence of the watercolor look.  There will be small, visible brushstrokes that offer the bare impression of form, unblended color and an emphasis on the exaggeration of tone in depicting the animal’s features. Texture added to enhance features
  2. Warhol, 16 oz:  $68 – A contemporary nod to the father of pop-art, this design is done in a single color group with multiple shades to illustrate features.  Texture and dimension is added with dyed clay, to exaggerate features further.  Such a fun and unique option.
  3. Petite, 12oz:  $55 – An interpretive illustration that balances traditional portrait and animation.  On a smaller mug, the image is slightly smaller than the artwork you will see on the larger mug options.  This is a sweet design.

DO WE SHIP CUSTOM ORDERS?   Due to the rising costs of shipping parcels of this size, we will only ship this item to addresses in the state of Ohio.  Shipping is an additional charge of $20 per mug. If you would like to add shipping to your order, just reply to the email you will receive from our GM, when we request photos of the animal.  We will send a link to pay online for that add-on.

PLEASE NOTE:  A commissioned piece of artwork commands the utmost level of artistic ability, attention to detail, focus and time.  These artists are paid by the hour for their talent and work, and there is the usual cost of bisque, glaze, and firing.  Our prices reflect those collective aspects.  There are no discounts on custom made items.

Email any questions to our GM, Mitsi Clark Niceswanger at:  mnniceswanger@fairfielddd.com